Insurance in blackjack

Insurance is a kind of separate game. It gives you a chance to defend your bet when you think that the dealer will have a BlackJack combination. If the dealer’s open card is an Ace, and if you think that the dealer’s closed card is a dozen, then you can buy insurance against the dealer’s blackjack. It will cost you half of your initial bet.
If the dealer does have a blackjack, your insurance will be paid 2 to 1. If you bought insurance, and the blackjack did not have a Dealer, then you simply lose your insurance bet, and you can continue the Game in the usual order – your desire.

If both the dealer and you got a combination of blackjack at the same time, then this distribution ends in a draw.
It is worth noting that insurance is a rather unpleasant rate, therefore it is recommended to always give up insurance when playing online casino.